Reduce stress naturally with power thoughts

reduce stress naturally with power thoughts

Quick Overview

  • reduce stress naturally by changing your daily thoughts
  • new thoughts can reduce stress while providing better mental fuel
  • young children see fun and adventure everywhere
  • adults see to-do’s, responsibilities, expectations, and routines
  • for a new outlook, practice one new thought every 30 days
  • practice new thoughts using spaced repetition, and writing until they "stick"

Is it time to reduce stress naturally? Do you wake up tired, groggy, and uninspired about your upcoming day? If you are like most people, you probably have a lot to get done. But there never seems to be enough time in the day. 

As you lay there in your bed, your energy drains just thinking about getting started. You pull the covers up over your head wishing you could just stay home today. Sound familiar?

In addition to all you have to do at the office. You may also have to get the kids ready, grocery shop, pick up the prescriptions, make dinner, vacuum the home, repair the screen, cut the lawn, fix the pool filter, and do the laundry. Quite a load for one day.

However, this probably doesn’t even touch upon all the things that you never get to. What about washing the car, hitting the gym, taking the dog to vet., getting coffee with your best friend, or socializing with your co-workers.

There’s just not enough time to do all the things you want to do.

The benefits of one new thought

How can you reduce stress naturally and take this burden off? What if your day didn’t change in any way except for the one new thought you placed in your head.

On a normal day filled with activities, events, and work, most of your time will be spent surviving to “get it done”. But what if you pulled the reigns back, and slowed down a bit. What if you give up the idea pf getting it all done. What possible benefits would you see?

You may,

  • begin to feel the benefits of reduced stress naturally
  • feel more present with each task that you are doing
  • become more optimistic about the hour, and the day ahead
  • reprioritize what must get done, hence enjoying an even shorter to-do list

But how can that be possible? Why would these changes occur? How could adding one new thought make this happen? After all, you still have tons to do. You still have expectations, and you still have responsibilities.

Sure, that’s true, but the benefits occur when you perceive your day differently. It really boils down to how you think and see yourself. By making this fundamental change, it naturally leads to doing things a different way.

reduce stress naturally by changing your perspective

reduce stress naturally by changing your perspective

A change in your perspective ripples through to your daily choices.

To change your perspective, change what you think. This is how power thoughts work.

When you change your perspective, it ripples through to your other thoughts and daily choices.

To change your perspective, change what you think. This is how power thoughts work.

A young child sees it a different way

Take for example a young child, everything they experience is new. The drive to school is new. The way teachers interact with them is new. Their lunch is new. The kids they meet are new. Everywhere they go is new.

But what if you told that child that “they must get this task done”? What if you told them “they must be at a new location at this exact time”, and “they must make this happen right now”? Then suddenly that child, who was normally filled with awe and inspiration, feels there is “no time for anything”.

life is an never-ending adventure for children

life is an never-ending adventure for children

Furthermore, they can no longer relax. They can no longer take it easy,  go at their own pace and have any fun.

You would probably agree this would put a detrimental effect on their mental, and physical health. It would begin to stress them out. They would begin to withdraw from other people and their life. Now they too need to reduce stress.

This way of living is a stark contrast to the child’s way of perceiving and interacting with the world. What was once a magically fun place, now becomes a labor camp. Their minds become filled with expectations to quickly produce, and stress fills their little bodies.

Do you drive yourself too hard?

Is this similar to how you live. Do you rush from one thing to another hoping to get it all done?

You may say to yourself over:

  • "I have to get this done"
  • "People are waiting for me to finish"
  • "I don't have enough time"

This way of thinking puts a tremendous amount of pressure on you to produce. Over time this pressure wears you down and takes away your spirit.

Unfortunately, just like the pressured child, your view of life changes from living in a magical and fun place to living in a world of drudgery and routine.

One new thought can reduce stress naturally

So let’s step back to "reducing stress naturally with power thoughts”.

What if you changed the way you went about your life?

Could you take 10% off the throttle and slow down?

Would it be possible to take more time and experience the magic and fun around you?

If you choose to create one new thought about your life today, how would it ripple through the rest of your world? Could it improve your happiness. Would you laugh more? Could it reduce stress naturally. Would it make you happier?

Try this on for size

Look at this power thought.

I will have a great day today!

Which leads to this naturally supporting statement.

“Today I will make it my priority to slow down and enjoy my day. Today I will start a new pattern about how to look upon myself and the world around me. Today I will allow myself the extra time I need to do what really matters. "

"Today I will reflect my strength, courage, and confidence to all those around me. Today I will be an inspiration to others”.

You see, changing just one thought (I will have a great day today), can have a tremendous effect on both your life and those around you.

When you say to yourself, “I will have a great day today”. It ripples through every part of your life and you can begin to reduce stress naturally!

It realigns all the thoughts that follow, because the root, or fundamental thought has changed.

You can do it - here’s a small challenge

Are you up for the challenge of creating your own power thought? Are you ready to take charge of your day? Are you ready to change the one thing you have 100% control over?

Start by saying this to yourself right now:
“Today I will make it my priority to slow down and enjoy my life even more.”

Start with just one power thought. That is my personal challenge for you. 

Think this thought before you go to bed. Think it when you wake up. Think it throughout the day. But just keep thinking it.

Remember it’s the repetitive nature of things that can create an asset, or a burden in your life. Use repetition to create assets. Use it to create and reinforce your own power thoughts. 

Repeat what you want to happen, and what you want to see in your life.

think and say your power thought all day long

think and say your power thought all day long

Spaced Repetition

Studies have shown that using spaced repetition makes it easier to remember your new power thought. To use this technique, repeat your power thought regularly, but include time delays between the repeats.

For example, when you want to create a new thought, say it to yourself a few times. Then wait a 15 - 30 minutes before repeating it again.

Spaced repetition is far more effective than saying it over and over again in one moment. The time delay between repetitions increase your memory and retention.

Spaced repetition has been around for a long time. It is most often used when studying a new language. It was 1st introduced in the book Psychology of Study, by Prof. C.A. Mace as a way to increase learning way back in 1932.

Write your power thought down to own it

Write down your new power thought. Tape this piece of paper to your bathroom mirror. Stick it to the refrigerator with a magnet. Keep it inside your wallet or purse and repeat it every time you buy something.

But an even better place to keep it is next to your bed or your night table. This way you can see it both morning and night.

write your power thoughts to own them

write down your power thoughts to own them

Steps to create power thoughts:

  1. If you could start believing one new idea about yourself starting today, what would that new idea be? Just pick one to start. The goal is to find a new idea that will have a positive impact on your life. An easy way to do this is to say "I want to believe I can" and then add what you want (for example: I want to believe I can slow down and laugh more each day)
  2.  Turn this new idea into a power thought by using "I will, or I am" in front of your idea. (for example: I will slow down and laugh more each day, or I am slowing down and laughing more each day.)
  3. Cut up 3 pieces of small paper, or use index cards. Next, write your new thought down on each piece of paper.
  4. Put one piece of paper with your power thought next to your bed.
  5. Tape one piece of paper with your power thought on your bathroom mirror.
  6. Put one piece of paper with your power thought in your purse, or wallet.
  7. Each morning read and say your statement once and then move on to your day.
  8. Each night before bed, read and say your statement once and then go to bed
  9. Each day read and say your statement when you are in the car, bathroom, or buying something.
  10. Train yourself for consistency. It's the small things done over and over that create the most impact.
  11. Do this for 30 days straight.

Try it For yourself

Repeat this power thought process for 30 days until it sticks. Then every 30 days create a new power thought.

Feel your new power thought, embrace it, say it, repeat it, and live it.

One new thought every 30 days will help reduce stress naturally. It will have a profound effect on your outlook, your attitude and your life.

Go ahead and give it a try, and enjoy the results!

Mr. Self-Care Says:

mr. self-care

Mr. Self-Care

When I was 13 I read “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peal. It made a powerful impact on my view of life. It also opened my eyes to the power of thoughts and words. Even though I was young, with little stress, I began a new way of looking at the world after I read that book

I use the process outlined here everyday. Sometimes I practice several new thoughts at a time. But only when I am having a particular challenge that I must get past.


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