How to do a morning detox, without food

Morning detox with lemon water and cayenne.

This information is for anyone looking to increase productivity, remove brain fog, feel better, drop a few pounds, and have energy all morning long. Can a morning detox do all that?

What about intermittent fasting

It wasn’t long ago that I would start the day with huge servings of sprouted oats/fruit, or an entire blender full of green smoothie. I had to eat big to stock up on fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. At least that’s what they told me. If I didn’t eat big I surely wouldn’t make it to lunch.

However, things changed when I began intermittent fasting combined with a morning detox. Now I only eat during an 8 hour period, leaving the remaining 16 hours food-free.

Couldn't find the food balance

I work from home and the morning is my productive time. Eating breakfast creates only 2 states for me. I either feel bloated which slows me down. Or, I feel hungry 30 minutes after a meal making me think even more about food. Both conditions block my productivity. I can't spend most of my morning resting, nor eating. I have things to get done. 

I just couldn’t find the secret food combination that provides nutrition, satiation and energy. For some reason, eating breakfast (big or small) opens the valve to a massive, never-ending feeding frenzy - all day long. 

Morning Detox Food Free

Morning Detox - Going Food Free

Intermittent fasting along with the morning detox changed all that.

Solution - a new morning routine

Since I wouldn’t be eating breakfast, I needed a few ideas for my new morning routine. Here’s what I came up with.

#1: I could do nothing. That means I would neither eat, nor drink until noon
#2: I could drink herbal tea and honey, choosing a different herbal blend each day
#3: I could turn the morning hours into a detox period.

For the next 3 months I decided to turn the morning hours of 7 am - 12 pm into a detoxification period. I focused on cleansing beverages, and body movements. My morning drink is now lemon water and cayenne pepper. My two body movements include yoga/meditation, and 5-10 minutes on a mini-trampoline.

Lemon and cayenne, the power combo

Lemon and cayenne work well together. Plus citrus oils have even been shown to have anti-tumor properties. Cayenne on the other hand, or more specifically capsaicin (the hot stuff) found in the cayenne, helps with metabolism, energy, and satiation.

However, what I was really after was the detox. I wanted the brain fog gone, and to think clearly all day long. Somewhere my diet was messing me up, and something must be in my circulatory system causing that fog. 

What about toxins

I learned that excess environmental toxins get stored in body fat. Overtime I have been removing all the bad stuff in my diet. But what about the toxins already stored in my body. Basically if the body can’t get rid of toxins through the kidneys, liver, colon, or skin, they get stored. So that was also part of my goal. I wanted to break down the fat, release any toxins that are stored, and flush them out of my body.

If I could leave more time for digestion and less time eating I just might be able to sway the pendulum. And hopefully the brain fog  would clear.

This is where lemon water and cayenne morning detox came to the rescue.

What I did - my morning detox routine

Each morning upon rising, I head down to kitchen and fill up a 1/2 gallon (64 ounce) mason jar with filtered water.

Next, I cut up a lemon, and use a hand juicer to extract the juice from one half. I put the other half in the refrigerator for the next day.

Then I put 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper in the filtered water. At first I started small with half a teaspoon. Now I can easily tolerate 2 teaspoons.

Lastly, I shake the lemon juice, water, and cayenne vigorously. Then I pour 16 ounces in my favorite glass, and put a straw in.

I then proceed to drink this mix until noon. After I finish my 1st glass, I pour another which fills me up until lunch.

What I use

Half Gallon Ball Mason Jar for the morning detox

Half Gallon Ball Mason Jar

McCormick Cayenne for the morning detox

McCormick Cayenne from Cosco

Zatarains Cayenne for morning dexo

Zatarains Cayenne from Walmart

365 Cayenne for the morning detox

365 Cayenne from Whole Foods

I used a 1/2 gallon mason jar. I also had a huge 14oz container of cayenne from Amazon. After I went through that I picked up a Zatarains from Walmart since I was in a pinch. However, on my next trip to Whole Foods I will get the organic cayenne.

Note: I choose to use a glass container to eliminate any plastic taste, or residues. After all, this is a detox, and glass is inert.

How it worked

This is my 5th week and I am very happy with the results of my morning detox. For the first few weeks I had to clear my throat often during the morning Since cayenne is acidic, there was an increase in mucous that naturally protects the throat/stomach lining. However, that seems to be gone now, and I clear my throat very rarely, if at all. 

The brain fog is almost all gone too. It was noticeably less after 2 weeks. But now, I can think clearly all morning long. My productivity has doubled - really!

Also, the moment I feel hungry in the morning I drink the lemon and cayenne mix. Almost instantly I feel full. There are no more food cravings. The only time I feel hungry is first thing in the morning. But after my first sip, it goes away until noon. As long as I drink my two 16 oz glasses of lemon/cayenne water I am good to go until noon.

Weight loss too

Best yet, I have dropped at least 2 pounds. Not sure if this is from skipping breakfast, the increase in metabolism from the pepper, the reduction of toxins/fat, or a combination of the above. Either way I am pleased with the results of my morning detox.

Lastly, my meditation has become deeper, and easier to sustain. I am distracted less. I can sit quietly breathing for 20 minutes in more comfort than before (much much less fidgety).

I will do the morning detox for 3 months

This combination is working really well for me. I plan to finish up the 3 months, and then re-evaluate. Eventually, I may do another round, or change it up by dropping the cayenne but keeping the lemon water. But I'll decide when I am done based on how I am feeling.

Either way, I can’t remember the last time my head and thoughts have been this clear all morning. Plus, the morning food cravings, and mood swings seem to be a thing of the past.

Lemon and cayenne seem to be a powerful, synergistic combination that make up the basis of my morning detox.

Instructions  / steps for a morning detox drink

  1. Fill a 32 ounce, or 64 ounce glass jar with filtered water
  2. Cut a lemon in half, and add the juice of half that lemon to the water. Put the other half in the refrigerator.
  3. Start by adding 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper to the lemon water
  4. Shake the mixture, and a pour a full glass
  5. Drink with a straw to decrease the amount of lemon and cayenne on your teeth
  6. Drink the rest of the water in the jar throughout the day


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