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How Buying Bulk Saves Hundreds

Buying Bulk saves hundreds

Buying bulk makes sense. It’s the reason so many large stores like Costco and Sam’s Club exist.

But what do you do when you eat a mostly raw diet? You can’t run down to Costco and buy a 5 pound sack of raw, organic, unshelled sunflower seeds.

There isn't a one-stop neighborhood shop for bulk seeds, nuts and grains.

Go to Amazon and buy, buy, buy

So you have to do the next logical thing. Go to Amazon. There you can buy the smaller sizes. But as a regular consumer of these items, this option becomes expensive very quickly.

I had high hopes for ThriveMarket. It’s like Costco, but for natural products. However, it appears most of the items are processed and packaged. That’s good for some of my needs, but not for the natural, raw items that I consume the most.

It gets expensive buying small sizes

Since I sprout every day, I needed a consistent supply of raw nuts, seeds, and grains.

For example on Amazon, Handy Pantry sells black-oiled sunflower seeds for $8.99 per 8 oz.

That’s a whopping $17.96 per pound. 

What is this stuff - gold?

The good news is that they offer better prices for the larger sizes.

Black oil sunflower seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds

Price per pound varies widely

Handy Pantry sells raw, unshelled sunflower seeds in the following sizes/prices:

offer size

offer price

price per pound

8 oz pouch



 most expensive

1 1/2 pound pouch



3 pound can



18 pound bucket



 most economical

So I was beginning to see a pattern. I could continue buying 8 oz at $17.96 per pound, or pull the plug and buy 18 pounds for $6.67 per pound.

This is where I felt trapped. I was buying small amounts of about 2 pounds every month, and the costs were starting to add up.

Since I was consuming these products regularly it was time to make a new choice.

But wait, smaller amounts make sense

But I had trouble convincing myself at first. Buying small amounts made more sense. After all, this is what I always did so it must be right.

Plus it was super easy to store them. Just open the cabinet, and throw ‘em in. Buying 8 oz of sunflower seeds takes up very little space.

At first glance, buying small amounts seems quite practical. 

Order product, receive product, consume product! Now that's practical. 

It was so easy! But this is where the consumer-trap is hidden from view.

The consumer trap

The system is designed so the consumer buys smaller amounts, and more often. This forces them to constantly buy the same things over and over.

 Just like clockwork, as soon as they run out the product, they order it again. The faster the items are consumed, the faster they are purchased. And the cycle continues ad nauseum.

I was one of those consumers. I was buying the smaller versions, and I was buying them once or twice a month. I was caught in the consumerism trap.

Are you caught in the consumerism trap

Are you caught in the consumerism trap

But the real kicker is that businesses make more money with this process. Because they sell smaller packets and sizes, they can charge more. They do this with creative packaging to create the illusion you are buying something bigger than it really is.

So the advertisements continue, and the consumers keep buying the small sizes. But no one catches on.

But I’m on to them, and I hope you will be too after you finishing reading this information.

Smaller sizes are costing you more

Have you ever considered that buying smaller amounts of healthy products, is costing you way more than it should.

Take another example of raw, pumpkin seeds. I was buying the brand Food To Live on Amazon. They sell 2 pounds of raw pumpkin seeds for $13.99, or roughly $7.00 a pound. Plenty for one month.

I even was buying Gluten Free Prairie - Oat Groats. I started with 3 pounds at at $11.99, which comes to $4.00 per pound.

At the time, my mindset was "just get it ordered", and I’ll deal with this next time.

But the next month came and went and things didn’t change. And I continued to pay the higher prices - all in the name of convenience.

Create a new consumer mindset

So what type of new mindset do you need when you decide to "go bulking"?

Here are 4 things that will help keep your wits about you.

First of all there is a real money savings. Yes, the first purchase outlay cost more. But in the long run it’s far cheaper. Plus you only have to buy it once a year.

Good ideas create new mindsets

Good ideas create new mindsets

Second, it removes any concerns that you will run out. This in itself is a big time waster. How often do you ask yourself “am I running low on _____”? This is a big problem because once again we have to remember and focus on this product when we have so many other things to think about. 

As consumers, we get caught up in consuming, and this continually wastes a lot of our personal time. Time that could be better spent on more fun or enjoyable activities.

But let's continue with the improved mindset.

Third, it’s opens up all these new doors and possibilities. Have you ever found yourself changing a recipe, or even dropping the idea of making something because you didn’t have the ingredients on hand. When you buy in bulk you end all of that. You have what you need, and you can continue to make what you want.

Lastly, buying in bulk keeps your home in a state of “emergency preparedness”. Stuff happens, like hurricanes, power outages, blizzards, ice storms, tornado’s, sickness, and other natural, or man made disasters.

When you buy in bulk and stock up, you have supplies that will take you through those challenges. Just watch the news to see the insane grocery store raids every-time there is a disaster. Lines that wrap around the block. Angry customers ready to fight each other over a can of beans. Store shelves are empty, and illegal price-gouging takes it’s place.

Should I buy what I need, or put it off?

Let's take a situation I recently experienced.  I like to buy health related products and I needed another sprouting tray. But I went back and forth on the idea, and temporarily decided to hold off on getting it.

Then I compared the money I would have spent on non-bulk items, and compared it to my new bulk lifestyle. The savings clearly spoke for themselves.

What I paid monthly buying smaller sizes

Here is what I consumed monthly. About 2 pounds of each, every month. Or about 24 pounds of each, every year.

  • 2 pounds of pumpkin seeds for snacks and salad additions ($13.99)
  • 2 pounds of sunflower seeds for growing sprouts ($8.98 + $15.95 = $24.93)
  • 2 pounds of oat groats for morning breakfast, and treats ($9.96 + $9.96 = $19.92)

I was paying $58.84 per month

Which equals $706.08 per year (12 x $58.84)

What I paid for one year of bulk

  • 25 pound case of pumpkin seed ($73.66 including shipping from
  • 24 pounds of sunflower seeds ($183.97 - 2x 3 pounds at 31.99/each, 18 pounds at $119.99 including shipping at Amazon)
  • 25 pounds of oat groats ($50.60 including shipping from Amazon) 

Cost of buying bulk equals $308.23. That's for a one year supply!

Total cost savings of buying bulk: $397.85 (compared to non-bulk purchasing above)

Let me write that again

I saved $397.85 dollars on food I would have bought anyway!

What to do with all those savings

When I reconsidered buying that sprouting tray given these savings, it felt right.

I applied the savings to the new item. Win-Win!

The savings generated from buying bulk were simply reapplied to my current needs.

These savings can also be applied for gas, road trips, natural health products, or special treats. 

The options are endless.

Money Savings

Money Savings

Buy in bulk and enjoy the benefits

Buying in bulk is great, it saves money, saves precious time, removes worry about running out, and keeps your household in a state of preparedness.

Next time you consider buying small amounts, take a closer-look and see if you can buy in bulk. Beat the consumerism "small purchase trap". And apply the savings to a much better cause - like YOU!

Mr. Self-Care Says:

"These are the products mentioned in this article. The bulk oats and the sunflower seeds can be found on Amazon.

I found the best bulk price for the raw pumpkin seeds to be on the site link to the 25 pound case I purchased."

Feel Better With Tapping. Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Feel Better with Tapping

Life's Good, or is it?

On the surface all seems well. Passers-by say hello, and I return the greeting. On the surface I look like every other person. I buy my groceries, do my laundry, and get to bed at a decent hour. I just feel better when I get things done.

You could say I’ve earned my personal badge of honor that proudly states: “Life's Good”. 

But is it?

That’s what I want to share today.
- when you take care of your basic needs and feel good is life good?
- if you can make enough time to laugh and play each day is life good?
- when you can love and be loved is life good?

Sure, it’s easy to answer yes to all of the above. But really, is life good?

Look at it from another angle

Let me dive in further. I want to show this from another angle. Let’s take a peak at all the emotions that are running wild throughout the day.

For example, recently I was driving to the gym. Suddenly out of nowhere a cop pulls up behind me. I am doing the speed limit, but for some reason I am worried something's wrong. He speeds up a bit and gets even closer. Now my thoughts turn on me - something must wrong. But what did I do? Was it the speed on my downhill descent? Did I go too fast? Is my blinker or brake light out? Or could it be worse, does he think I committed a crime?

The moments tick by like hours. It’s gets harder and harder to keep my calm. Just staying between the lines becomes difficult. I do not feel good! But suddenly, she turns and goes up a side street.

Emotions are like a roller coaster

Sure, she’s gone but my emotions are still looping like a roller coaster. Just a few moments ago I was about to be jailed for life, but now I am a free man. Something is not right. As I continue to drive I am still a bit shaky, thinking I just fled a crime scene.

But there was no trouble, I didn’t do anything wrong, and I wasn’t about to be locked up.

But my mind didn’t think so. It thought I was the trouble the police were looking for.

So is life good?

With a cop car on my tail, the answer is an emphatic NO. But as soon as she turned away, yes life is good - very good indeed!

Is there another way?

This isn’t a good way to live. This isn’t a good way to go about life.

How could I become a would-be convict one moment, and a saint the next?

The problem is how I am perceiving the events of my life. You know, if something looks good, and I feel good, then life is good. But if something looks bad, and I feel bad, then life is bad.

Is there another way?

Can beliefs be changed?

It can be said that a sailor who sails the oceans has a bigger view of the world then a person who never leaves home. But what they don’t tell you, is if their mind view or beliefs are small, it won’t matter where they travel. That sailor will still hold a very small view of life.

So this leads me to the 1st point.

What if you could change your view of life, and change the way you see yourself. What if you changed the way you interact with the world.

Use tapping to feel better

Use tapping to feel better

How about changing your view of life in just a few moments, would you want to know more?

Would you like to change your view of life when there isn’t even a pending crisis. Learning how to fell good while creating positive beliefs about money, health, or relationships in advance.

Let go of old thoughts

Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. To change your view of your world you will need to acknowledge the old view first, and then let it go.

This means that you will want to start practicing how to let go of old thoughts and past events in advance.

But how do you practice in advance? You start by writing these troublesome thoughts and feelings down once a day. The next step is even easier. You release them with the “emotional freedom technique”, also know as tapping.

Tapping can help

What is tapping

Tapping physically touches the body’s energy points. This is the same process used in acupuncture and acupressure. But there are no needles, and there are no pressure points to hold.

Instead, one hand will actually tap on a certain point of your body like a small drum stick. The tapping occurs on an energy point.

These energy points are similar to little energy switches. When these points are tapped upon, the little energy switches open up again, and start flowing. This helps to reduce pressure, pain, and even memories associated to these points.

In addition to tapping. Limited thoughts can also be released by stating them at the same time the tapping occurs. Negative emotions are felt when the body’s energy flows are disrupted. Such as the fear that I explained earlier of believing I did something wrong.

Tapping helps open the little energy switches again so you feel good. It helps the energy to flow, while releasing the negative emotions and associated thoughts trapped there.

The entire process takes just a few minutes. But it takes some patience and consistency when you first start out.

Here are the steps to feel better

The first step is to identify your current thought problem.

For example, I will use the cop car incident I experienced. Clearly I thought I did something wrong. But I didn’t. Nonetheless, let’s assume for the moment that deep down I think I did something wrong.

So the first step is to declare the problem thought:

“I did something wrong, and they are coming for me”.

The next step is really simple. Start tapping on one of the energy points and say the thought at the same time. Shoot for 5-7 taps on each of the 9 body energy (meridian) points. That will complete one full cycle.

Simple huh!

Body tapping points. Emotional freedom technique.

Body tapping points. Emotional freedom technique.

Beliefs get stored

The problem thought is something we believe because we either were told it, or we experienced it ourselves. Now it’s a part of our thinking. When you start tapping away the old belief, it begins to release, and the truth reveals itself.

In my case the truth would be that I did nothing wrong, that I have nothing to fear, and the cop car is simply driving behind me. The cop car uses the same roads as everyone else, and from time to time they may drive behind my car.

Since your mind is like a computer, what goes in gets stored. Also, the most readily available thought is the one that comes out first. This is the usually the thought with the biggest emotion stored along side of it. In my case the emotion was fear, and the thought was that I did something wrong. This is why I didn't feel good.

Let go of those beliefs

No matter how long you have lived with the old emotion and belief. They can be released by letting go of them with this tapping technique.

It just takes patience and consistency.

Again, for the sake of clarity here are the 3 simple steps:
1. Declare, and then write down your troublesome problem thought that you want to change.
2. Start tapping on the energy points, while stating the problem thought aloud
3. Continue doing this process until the old belief subsides, or is completely released.

This is a very simple process that will take less than 3 minutes a day. But it will have a profound effect on your life.

It's simple and effective

That’s it.

It’s simple, effective, and it helps you feel good!.

So take back control of your thoughts, and start believing that “Life Is Good”.

Use the emotional freedom technique (EFT) and release one old thought at a time.

Sell your idea and beat the odds

How to beat the odds.

quick read

  • when you want to sell your idea, it will bring up fears, and self-doubt
  • there are 5 stages to go from an idea to a product that sells
  • when the odds are against you, create an even more powerful mental game
  • plant this firmly in your head: 

    “my idea is important, and it really can help a lot of people, so I must get it out there"

  • start today, and don't be like the millions before you that gave up on their ideas

When self-doubt happens, don't believe in it!

Whenever I start a new business to sell my idea, it seems to begin with the thought that I won’t succeed. I just can’t help it. The odds appear to be nearly 100% against me. Just like every other new entrepreneur, these thoughts try to hold me back. It’s a real downer, because they dominate my thoughts and place continual doubt in my mind. They try to derail my plans, and often they get close. It makes me want to quit before I even begin.

Sell your idea and end up winning

I found that by sticking with a plan, acknowledging these self-defeating thoughts, and taking consistent action you can win in the end. You can learn to sell your idea and succeed.

Take for example my last business. It was an online advertising platform. It took one full year of development before that first sale of $19 arrived. However, four years later I sold the business to a larger company. Whereby I took the proceeds, moved to new state, bought a house, and started a new life.

But it took a lot of corrective action and thought to get there, as I will demonstrate below.

How to win

How to win.

What to do when you believe the odds are against you. A guide for anyone with an idea.

I am an entrepreneur by nature. I love to create solutions for bigger problems. Naturally, life presents many challenges. So there are endless areas to improve upon. But what do you do when you have a solution to help people, but doubt your own ideas and abilities?

If you want to sell your idea to help people, please continue reading. I will outline a process to help you succeed.

Success process for new entrepreneurs (how to sell your ideas for a profit)

As mentioned above, I am an entrepreneur at heart. But what about you. Have you ever wanted to sell your idea, and turn it into a money-making product?

There are 5 stages sell and idea and take it from a vision all the way to sales. Plus you need a mental game to keep you motivated.

This is how to do it.

System to sell your idea

System to sell your idea

Stage I: (developing the idea)

Would you be willing to you use your product right now? This is critical. If your idea was developed would you use it? How would it help you? Don’t create a product that you can’t use, or won’t use. If you do, then you're wasting time and money.

This is the best place to start. If it can solve a problem for you, then it probably can solve a problem for others. If it can’t help you, then continually tweak your idea until it is something you really want, and can use right now.

My incubation period was over 2 years. It started when I wrote an e-book. It was for sale on my website. But people came and went without buying. There was no way to focus their attention on that e-book. At that time, advertising pop-ups were barely in use.

So I thought to myself:

 “wouldn’t it be great if there was an online popup service where you could instantly change the sales message”. That was the birth of the idea, and as they say - the rest is history!

Stage II: (creating the prototype)

How can you make your prototype as real as possible today? Create a usable prototype for immediate use right now. The goal is to prove that the product is as good as you think it is. If you develop it, and then find it is not worthy of your time, go back to the drawing board. Go back and re-evaluate your idea until it is that good.

However, if it is as good as you believe, start sharing it with others. Get their feedback and improvement ideas. Make sure other people like it as much as you do

The prototype I created was 100% software based. It was to be completely online. I was able to get a working prototype completed in a few months. But it took about another 10 months of improvements before it was good enough for others.

Stage III: (discover your market)

When you decide to sell your idea, who is the ideal buyer that you will sell to? Since your prototype is good enough for you and others, it’s time to define who these people are. You will need to learn how to find them.

This is where you develop what is called an avatar. It’s a model of your ideal client. First, make up a name for this avatar. Pick any name that will typify this group of people (like Sally The Student, or Harry The Home Mechanic).

Next, you want to figure out all of the details of this ideal person. You do that by asking questions, and answering them the best you can. If you don’t have an answer, just make it up for now. At this stage you have to assume some things about you ideal client (avatar).

  • what is the age range for this person
  • why do they need this product
  • how does it help them
  • how much would they be willing to pay
  • where can you find this group of people
  • are they only males,  females, or both
  • what are their hobbies
  • why do they really need this product

For me, the group of people (my avatar) were website owners who were selling a product. Just like me, they may have written an e-book. But they were having trouble selling it on their website. I assumed that my ideal client was employed full time jobs, but worked part-time on their website. They were selling products online to supplement their income. Most importantly I knew that they didn’t have programming experience, and had little marketing experience. So the product had to address both of those needs.

Stage IV: (create the product)

It's time to create the product. You have a working prototype, and a group of people who can use it. Now it's time to develop the product for sale. For the 1st version it may be possible to create on your own. If it is over your head, it's best to get some help. If it is software related, you can find freelancers online. If it is a physical product then you will need to find contract manufactures.

I was also a programmer and I decided to build it myself. After one year of development the product went live. But it took thousands of hours of programming before it was ready to be sold.

Stage V: (create your marketing plan)

It's time to create your marketing plan. If you have a finished product that no one can find, then you won’t make any sales. Marketing is developing mass exposure of your product. This helps likely buyers (your avatar) to find it. Creating a marketing plan is laying out the steps to reach that first group of people (your avatar), and then subsequently reaching more and more of them.

The web is a wonderful place to advertise. All the big social media sites will give you relatively inexpensive exposure. But that is only half of the challenge. Because once they hear about you, you still have to be able to interest them enough to stay in contact with you. This all about creating leads (interested people), and eventually turning them into buyers. Use email lists, and regular updates and mailings about your product to help.

I started with google advertisements. Originally I set the budget to $100 a month. After I had a few sales, I raised the budget to $300 a month. My advertisement was as simple as this: “Products not selling? New service puts marketing messages on your site without any tech knowledge. Free 14 Day Trial”

How I beat those crazy odds

Now you understand the process to sell your idea. Next I want to touch upon the title of this post.

“sell your idea and beat the odds.”

In my story, it took me 1 year to make that first $19 sale. During that year I was a one man show. I did everything. I developed the idea, programmed the prototype, wrote the marketing messages, created the graphics, and improved upon the product. I had to learn at least 2 dozen new skills to make it all happen.

How I won

How I won

So how did I stay in the game even though the odds were against me? I decided from the start that this idea was important and could really help people. That was the message I practiced and kept in the forefront of mind. I practiced the thoughts I wanted to have until they became dominant in my head. I had to, because I was living off my savings account, had moved out of my apartment to cut costs, and was developing a new product that didn’t really exist before.

I had to carry this new belief in my head all the time. Without it, I would not have made it.

How it worked out

What can happen if you stay focused on your idea of helping people? You can win! It took me four years. The service delivered millions upon millions of pop-up advertisements, helping people around the world sell their products.

My story ended with a bigger success. I was able to move on and enjoy a different type of lifestyle. One that was very different than the time before I sold the business.

I mentioned I bought a new home, moved to a new state, and started a new life. I made those choices because that is what I really, really wanted. I am happy in my new place, and my future looks even brighter because of acting upon even the bigger dreams of helping people.

So it boils down to remembering this about your idea:

“my idea is important, and it really can help a lot of people, so I must get it out there”

That is what you must have in your head at all times. Because if you don’t the self-doubt will creep up. The endless delays will occur, and problems will seem bigger then then are. All of which will derail your greatest of plans, and keep you stuck!

Don't be like the millions who never even tried

The last thing that you want is for your idea to stall. You don’t want it to get stuck at the gate. If you really want to sell your idea you have to take yourself seriously. There have been millions of people before you who never developed their ideas. They have grown old, and there isn't a day they don't kick themselves for wishing that they had at least tried.

Don’t become one of them.

You can do it differently. Choose to believe in your idea right now.

Remember this and practice this thought:

“my idea is important, and it really can help a lot of people, so I must get it out there”

Choose to make a positive addition to the world. Choose to improve peoples lives with your product.

We need your product. We are waiting for you to do it.

So start today!

Mr. Self-Care Says

I used to cut the lawn for my family when I was 13. Once I got the hang of it, I wondered if the neighbors could also benefit from my service. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but I eventually approach a neighbor up the street.

I rang the bell on the front door and waited nervously. When the door opened I said "Would you like me to cut your lawn for $5". She said, "hold on". She then went inside and came back out about 3 minutes later. That was the longest 3 minutes of my life. The next thing she said shocked me, "when can you start". I couldn't believe, I had my first job 

By the end of the summer I had 4 other lawn jobs, plus my own. I was rolling in $20 bucks every week.

Once I got over the fear of asking for the job, I realized that if you try, eventually you will succeed. What a great lesson for a kid of 13.

Reduce stress naturally with power thoughts

reduce stress naturally with power thoughts

Quick Overview

  • reduce stress naturally by changing your daily thoughts
  • new thoughts can reduce stress while providing better mental fuel
  • young children see fun and adventure everywhere
  • adults see to-do’s, responsibilities, expectations, and routines
  • for a new outlook, practice one new thought every 30 days
  • practice new thoughts using spaced repetition, and writing until they "stick"

Is it time to reduce stress naturally? Do you wake up tired, groggy, and uninspired about your upcoming day? If you are like most people, you probably have a lot to get done. But there never seems to be enough time in the day. 

As you lay there in your bed, your energy drains just thinking about getting started. You pull the covers up over your head wishing you could just stay home today. Sound familiar?

In addition to all you have to do at the office. You may also have to get the kids ready, grocery shop, pick up the prescriptions, make dinner, vacuum the home, repair the screen, cut the lawn, fix the pool filter, and do the laundry. Quite a load for one day.

However, this probably doesn’t even touch upon all the things that you never get to. What about washing the car, hitting the gym, taking the dog to vet., getting coffee with your best friend, or socializing with your co-workers.

There’s just not enough time to do all the things you want to do.

The benefits of one new thought

How can you reduce stress naturally and take this burden off? What if your day didn’t change in any way except for the one new thought you placed in your head.

On a normal day filled with activities, events, and work, most of your time will be spent surviving to “get it done”. But what if you pulled the reigns back, and slowed down a bit. What if you give up the idea pf getting it all done. What possible benefits would you see?

You may,

  • begin to feel the benefits of reduced stress naturally
  • feel more present with each task that you are doing
  • become more optimistic about the hour, and the day ahead
  • reprioritize what must get done, hence enjoying an even shorter to-do list

But how can that be possible? Why would these changes occur? How could adding one new thought make this happen? After all, you still have tons to do. You still have expectations, and you still have responsibilities.

Sure, that’s true, but the benefits occur when you perceive your day differently. It really boils down to how you think and see yourself. By making this fundamental change, it naturally leads to doing things a different way.

reduce stress naturally by changing your perspective

reduce stress naturally by changing your perspective

A change in your perspective ripples through to your daily choices.

To change your perspective, change what you think. This is how power thoughts work.

When you change your perspective, it ripples through to your other thoughts and daily choices.

To change your perspective, change what you think. This is how power thoughts work.

A young child sees it a different way

Take for example a young child, everything they experience is new. The drive to school is new. The way teachers interact with them is new. Their lunch is new. The kids they meet are new. Everywhere they go is new.

But what if you told that child that “they must get this task done”? What if you told them “they must be at a new location at this exact time”, and “they must make this happen right now”? Then suddenly that child, who was normally filled with awe and inspiration, feels there is “no time for anything”.

life is an never-ending adventure for children

life is an never-ending adventure for children

Furthermore, they can no longer relax. They can no longer take it easy,  go at their own pace and have any fun.

You would probably agree this would put a detrimental effect on their mental, and physical health. It would begin to stress them out. They would begin to withdraw from other people and their life. Now they too need to reduce stress.

This way of living is a stark contrast to the child’s way of perceiving and interacting with the world. What was once a magically fun place, now becomes a labor camp. Their minds become filled with expectations to quickly produce, and stress fills their little bodies.

Do you drive yourself too hard?

Is this similar to how you live. Do you rush from one thing to another hoping to get it all done?

You may say to yourself over:

  • "I have to get this done"
  • "People are waiting for me to finish"
  • "I don't have enough time"

This way of thinking puts a tremendous amount of pressure on you to produce. Over time this pressure wears you down and takes away your spirit.

Unfortunately, just like the pressured child, your view of life changes from living in a magical and fun place to living in a world of drudgery and routine.

One new thought can reduce stress naturally

So let’s step back to "reducing stress naturally with power thoughts”.

What if you changed the way you went about your life?

Could you take 10% off the throttle and slow down?

Would it be possible to take more time and experience the magic and fun around you?

If you choose to create one new thought about your life today, how would it ripple through the rest of your world? Could it improve your happiness. Would you laugh more? Could it reduce stress naturally. Would it make you happier?

Try this on for size

Look at this power thought.

I will have a great day today!

Which leads to this naturally supporting statement.

“Today I will make it my priority to slow down and enjoy my day. Today I will start a new pattern about how to look upon myself and the world around me. Today I will allow myself the extra time I need to do what really matters. "

"Today I will reflect my strength, courage, and confidence to all those around me. Today I will be an inspiration to others”.

You see, changing just one thought (I will have a great day today), can have a tremendous effect on both your life and those around you.

When you say to yourself, “I will have a great day today”. It ripples through every part of your life and you can begin to reduce stress naturally!

It realigns all the thoughts that follow, because the root, or fundamental thought has changed.

You can do it - here’s a small challenge

Are you up for the challenge of creating your own power thought? Are you ready to take charge of your day? Are you ready to change the one thing you have 100% control over?

Start by saying this to yourself right now:
“Today I will make it my priority to slow down and enjoy my life even more.”

Start with just one power thought. That is my personal challenge for you. 

Think this thought before you go to bed. Think it when you wake up. Think it throughout the day. But just keep thinking it.

Remember it’s the repetitive nature of things that can create an asset, or a burden in your life. Use repetition to create assets. Use it to create and reinforce your own power thoughts. 

Repeat what you want to happen, and what you want to see in your life.

think and say your power thought all day long

think and say your power thought all day long

Spaced Repetition

Studies have shown that using spaced repetition makes it easier to remember your new power thought. To use this technique, repeat your power thought regularly, but include time delays between the repeats.

For example, when you want to create a new thought, say it to yourself a few times. Then wait a 15 - 30 minutes before repeating it again.

Spaced repetition is far more effective than saying it over and over again in one moment. The time delay between repetitions increase your memory and retention.

Spaced repetition has been around for a long time. It is most often used when studying a new language. It was 1st introduced in the book Psychology of Study, by Prof. C.A. Mace as a way to increase learning way back in 1932.

Write your power thought down to own it

Write down your new power thought. Tape this piece of paper to your bathroom mirror. Stick it to the refrigerator with a magnet. Keep it inside your wallet or purse and repeat it every time you buy something.

But an even better place to keep it is next to your bed or your night table. This way you can see it both morning and night.

write your power thoughts to own them

write down your power thoughts to own them

Steps to create power thoughts:

  1. If you could start believing one new idea about yourself starting today, what would that new idea be? Just pick one to start. The goal is to find a new idea that will have a positive impact on your life. An easy way to do this is to say "I want to believe I can" and then add what you want (for example: I want to believe I can slow down and laugh more each day)
  2.  Turn this new idea into a power thought by using "I will, or I am" in front of your idea. (for example: I will slow down and laugh more each day, or I am slowing down and laughing more each day.)
  3. Cut up 3 pieces of small paper, or use index cards. Next, write your new thought down on each piece of paper.
  4. Put one piece of paper with your power thought next to your bed.
  5. Tape one piece of paper with your power thought on your bathroom mirror.
  6. Put one piece of paper with your power thought in your purse, or wallet.
  7. Each morning read and say your statement once and then move on to your day.
  8. Each night before bed, read and say your statement once and then go to bed
  9. Each day read and say your statement when you are in the car, bathroom, or buying something.
  10. Train yourself for consistency. It's the small things done over and over that create the most impact.
  11. Do this for 30 days straight.

Try it For yourself

Repeat this power thought process for 30 days until it sticks. Then every 30 days create a new power thought.

Feel your new power thought, embrace it, say it, repeat it, and live it.

One new thought every 30 days will help reduce stress naturally. It will have a profound effect on your outlook, your attitude and your life.

Go ahead and give it a try, and enjoy the results!

Mr. Self-Care Says:

mr. self-care

Mr. Self-Care

When I was 13 I read “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peal. It made a powerful impact on my view of life. It also opened my eyes to the power of thoughts and words. Even though I was young, with little stress, I began a new way of looking at the world after I read that book

I use the process outlined here everyday. Sometimes I practice several new thoughts at a time. But only when I am having a particular challenge that I must get past.

Tolerating stress got you down? Stop it with these steps!

What are you tolerating in your life?

Quick Overview

  • Nearly 70% of people don’t like their work
  • Do you live by passion, or what you are expected to do?
  • Was your life easier at one time?
  • Did things change when others became more important?
  • Time doesn’t change your life, you change it
  • Change today or you will be in the same place tomorrow
  • Start with focus which gives rise to new choices

A Gallup study concluded that nearly 70% of the employed are neither engaged, nor inspired by their work. That is an extremely high number. That means nearly 2 out of 3 people don’t like their job.  Either you like your work, or you don’t. If you don't, stop tolerating stress, and follow the steps below.

A quick story about Charles

Charles wasn’t cut out for this line of work. He much preferred to help people with his gardening expertise. When he walked around the block on Saturday's, he would often stop by to lend a hand to anyone working in their yard. He loved getting his hands dirty. Plus, he loved growing things.

Furthermore, he was deeply passionate about teaching people about plants and gardening.

But, oddly enough Charles is not a gardener, an arborist, a landscape designer, nor a farmer. He’s a lawyer. It was a path he followed since his youth. His father was a lawyer, and he was expected to follow. His father was a success, and someday he would be too!

Are you doing what you love?

Following a routine

But going to the office was hardly his passion. His daily routine was in place for about 9 years. He got up early, hit the gym, showered and made it to the office by 7:30 am. It’s just what he did. It was his routine. 

But, he often stayed late, because his focus was so poor during the day. His thoughts were on his garden. Charles bigger problem was that he never enjoyed the work, but was afraid to admit it. He was tolerating stress, and it was starting to get to him.

Because of his gentle nature, he was not well suited for litigation, nor the formalities of law. Deep inside, he often sided with the other party. But he never dared showed it.

Charles is a lawyer because that was expected of him. After all, his father owns the firm.

Charles didn’t choose his passion

You see when Charles took this path in life, he was told it would afford him all the luxuries in the world. It did! He was able to purchase a huge house in an upscale neighborhood, bought two Tesla P85’s, and takes that annual vacation to Tahiti.

There is no shortage of luxury for Charles. But as time passes, Charles is finding it harder to smile, because deep down he doesn't want to be there.

Today, Charles is questioning his life choice as he begins to understand that he is tolerating stress. Secretly he asks “why am I a lawyer, I don’t even like this work”. In fact, just last year he began to contemplate getting out of this field altogether.

But like so many other people, the years just keep passing by. This is Charles 9th year as a lawyer, and he still can’t make the change.

Someday, he hopes things will magically just workout.

Was your life easier at one time?

What about you? Was it really that long ago when things seemed easier? Can you recall a time when your day flowed the way you wanted? When things went your way? Was there a time when you were excited about your future?

Can you recall a time when,

  • getting up for work was easy?
  • exercising and working out was easy?
  • sleeping without pills, and waking refreshed came naturally?

Was your life easier at one time?

Something must have changed

Something in your life must have changed! What made your life go from flow to slow? Maybe some external force was put up on you. Maybe you lost your job, your spouse, or a friend. Or was it something else?

Did your dreams get put on a shelf as you were forced to deal with present challenges. When did you start to tolerate stress as a coping mechanism?

Did you ever notice what happened when you were sidetracked by these events. Time kept slipping by. Each year adding upon the last. Those dreams that you had of remote, faraway vacations and a better life, are still just dreams.

The only difference is that now you are older with more stress and less time.

Those dreams of a higher paying, and more satisfying career never appeared. They unfortunately remain dreams in your head.

And let’s not forget those dreams of a better, healthier body. A time when you would be “in shape” and look and feel great. What about that dream of losing the extra weight?

Those dreams also remain in your head.

When did other people become more important?

Somewhere down the line other things and people became more important. Maybe it was your children, your spouse, your boss, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. One day their needs became more important than your own. Was that the day when your dreams were shelved forever.

Now your life is stressing you out. You were able to tolerate stress before, but now it's become overwhelming.

You have to stay at the office late to catch up, and go to bed late just to catch up at home. The food you eat is unhealthy and you eat too much of it. You can’t find time to exercise. Your clothes don’t fit. The credit cards are maxed out, and what little sleep you get is far from refreshing.

It even takes 3 cups of coffee just to get you going every morning.

Time is not on your side

The passage of time didn’t help you either. It didn’t change a thing. As those years went by it made things worse. You have been slowly realizing that what you really wanted hasn't magically appeared. Another celebrated birthday marks another passing year. But not another dream being fulfilled.

Time continues to tick by.

Unfortunately, how you live today, is how you will live tomorrow.

That’s just the way it is. Time doesn’t suddenly put everything in place. It doesn’t make your needs important. Even though it keeps ticking, it doesn’t make your life suddenly work out!

Time doesn’t do anything for you!

Is time passing you by?

Change takes focus

Before something can change, it takes focus and a plan. Change must be started by you, not someone else. Time doesn't create the changes you want, you must create it.

Sometimes change is forced upon you by outside influences. For example, someone you love may have fallen ill such as your children, a spouse or friend. When it happens your plans get dropped, as you assist in their recovery.

Or worse, you may even lose your job, learn of a death of a close friend, or fall ill yourself.

That’s life they say. But those outside influences in your life are a small part of what is really going on. You still have far more control of the outcome in your life than you know. Even when outside influences affect and derail your plans.

Sure, these instances are outside of you. These external forces happen to you. And when they do, they change the way you live. Some of these events could change the rest of your day, your week and sometimes the rest of your life.

Making a real choice

However there is an option and a powerful tool available right now. You can use this powerful tool anytime you want. It’s so powerful that top performers around the world use it every single day.

This power tool is called making a choice. It's about finding where you tolerate stress.

How often do you make choices?

Have you ever said to yourself:
“I’ve had it, this is going to change today! I’m not going to tolerate this any longer”.

Congratulations if you did, because in that moment you made a choice. You used the greatest tool in your tool box for change.

In this case your current circumstances became so bad that you decided to change right then and there.

Maybe you were finally pushed over the edge when your favorite pants couldn't be buttoned due to a larger waist. Was it in that moment that you realized you must take diet and exercise seriously.

Or maybe it was the time when you finally wanted to move from your apartment. You wanted to buy your own home. But as you started the application process you found that your job and income won't qualify. Was it in that moment your realized you must find a better, higher paying job - today!

Change must be initiated by you

There is one big thing that you must understand before you can become an expert at making change.

Real change comes from a decision within you. Not by someone else, and not by some event. You are the only one that can make the decision to change.

Change may occur because your choices become limited. For example you realized your manager will never give you that promotion you need. If you don't leave that job you will never be able to earn the money you deserve.

Change may occur because you can no longer deal with the current circumstances in your life. For example you may realize after a doctors visit that unless you take diet and exercise seriously your high blood pressure and excess weight will only get worse.

Change may occur because you realize you can’t live the way you are living any longer. For example you may realize that the neighbors in the apartment above will never stop making noise all through the night. The only way to lasting peace and quiet is to buy your own house.

How to make a change

Making a change is not as hard as it may seem. First, it takes the awareness that you are tolerating something in your life that is making you unhappy. Next, it takes creating a plan and taking action until that area is improved. But it starts with the awareness of the problem first.

To make solid and ongoing changes in your life you must:

  1. Discover where you are tolerating stress in your life (hint: it's those thing that make you unhappy but don't seem to go away)
  2. Recognize that dreams do not come true by wishing upon them
  3. Decide to take full responsibility to improve your life in this moment 
  4. Make a choice to better yourself and improve your life in some way right now
  5. Create a plan to get where you want to go
  6. Take consistent action every day until you get what you want

One small step each day

Charles knew he was tolerating stress in his job. It was making him unhappy and it wasn't changing. But Charles wasn’t ready to quit, at least not yet. He started with small steps each day.

First, he decided to work on an action plan for a new career. He decided to “put his own happiness first”. He decided to stop tolerating stress of a career that he doesn’t even like.

Charles started taking a landscape design course at the local college. He started to rub shoulders with other gardeners, and professionals. He decided to learn more about what they do, and how they earn their living.

What small steps can you take today?

You see Charles made a decision to stop tolerating stress that what was making him unhappy. As he took action, many new doors are opening wide for him.

He is giving his passion a voice. He is raising the importance of his own needs. He is finally seeing what it is like to make himself a priority.

Are you ready to stop tolerating stress?

So what stress are you tolerating? What things must you prepare to let go of?

Is it finally time to get in shape?
Has the time come for a new job?
Will you finally take that dream vacation?
Are you ready to buy a house?
Can you start that new business today?

What's really holding you back? Remember, it's only what you think that holds you back.

The time for you to start winning is now. It’s time to stop tolerating stress and bad circumstances. Now is the time to start doing what matters most to you.

Make new choices, reduce your stress, and focus on improving your life!

Make one new choice today to start living a better life tomorrow!

Mr. Self-Care Says:

mr. self-care

Mr. Self-Care

So many times people say “this is just how it is”, or “I can’t change that right now”, or “I don’t want to rock the boat” It is nearly impossible for them to see that they are creating limitations in their life. They think everyone else is holding them back. But in reality it’s only their choices.

I practice making new choices each week. When I make a new choice I remove something old, and then replace it with something new. A perfect example is the gym. I have been going to the same gym for 6 months. But now it’s inconvenient to my schedule. So I decided to start working out from home again.

I decided to take the monthly fee  of $55 and apply it to the purchase of equipment for my home gym.

One small change with a quick solution and a big time savings.